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Section 202.28 Discontinuance of Civil Actions and Notice to the Court.

(a) If an action is settled, discontinued, or otherwise disposed of, counsel shall immediately inform the assigned judge or court part by submission of a copy of the stipulation or a letter directed to the clerk of the part along with notice to the chambers of the assigned judge via telephone, or email. This notification shall be made in addition to the filing of a stipulation with the county clerk.

(b) Counsel, including self-represented litigants, are under a continuing obligation to notify the court as promptly as possible in the event that an action is settled, discontinued or otherwise disposed of or if a case or motion has become wholly or partially moot, or if a party has died or filed a petition in bankruptcy. Such notification shall be made to the assigned judge in writing.

Historical Note
Sec. filed Jan. 9, 1986; repealed, new filed April 26, 1993 eff. April 14, 1993.

Amended on May 20,2013

Amended (a) & (b) on Dec. 29. 2020, effective February 1, 2021