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Section 202.5-c Electronic Document Delivery System.

(a) Court documents may be transmitted to the courts of the unified court system by means of the electronic document delivery system (“EDDS”) only to the extent and in the manner provided in this section. For purposes of this section, “clerk of the court” shall mean the county clerk where the court is the Supreme Court or a County Court, and the chief clerk of the court where it is any other court.

(b) How to use the EDDS. In order for a party to a court action or proceeding to use the EDDS to transmit one or more court documents to a court, such party must:

(1) have use of a computer or other electronic device that permits access to the Internet, an email address and telephone number, and a scanner to digitize documents or some other device by which to convert documents into an electronically transmissible form; and

(2) access a web site provided by the UCS for the transmission of the document(s) by the EDDS and, using that web site: (i) select a court to be the recipient of the document(s) and, where the Chief Administrator has authorized use of the EDDS for the filing of documents in an action or proceeding and the party is using the EDDS for such purpose, so indicate, (ii) enter certain basic information about the action or proceeding; (iii) upload the document(s) thereto in pdf or some other format authorized by the Chief Administrator of the Courts; and (iv) if a fee is required for the filing of the document(s), follow the on-line instructions for payment of that fee.

(c) When may the EDDS be used. The EDDS may be used for the transmission of documents in such courts and in such classes of cases, and for such purposes including the filing thereof with a court, as may be authorized by order of the Chief Administrator. Notwithstanding any other provision hereunder:

(1) a party may not use the EDDS to transmit documents in a court action or proceeding in a court in a county in which consensual or mandatory e-filing is available in such an action or proceeding, except that EDDS may be used in such a county for the purpose of (i) converting a pending action to e-filing in accordance with section 202.5-b(2)(iv) of these rules, (ii) transmitting exhibits for a conference, hearing, or trial; or (iii) any other use as may be authorized by the Chief Administrator. 

(2) unless the Chief Administrator shall otherwise provide as to a particular court or class of cases, a party may only use the EDDS for the transmission of documents for a purpose other than for filing in an action or proceeding;

(3) where the Chief Administrator authorizes use of the EDDS for the transmission of documents for filing with a court in an action or proceeding, any such documents shall not be deemed filed until the clerk of such court or his or her designee shall have reviewed the documents and determined (i) that they are complete, (ii) that any fee that is required before the documents may be filed has been paid, (iii) that the documents include proof of service upon the other party or parties to the action or proceeding when proof of service is required by law, and (iv) that all other filing requirements have been satisfied.

Added on Dec. 1, 2021