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Section 210.14-b Additional Mailing of Notice on an Action Arising from a Consumer Credit Transaction (Uniform Civil Rules for the City Courts Outside the City of New York)

(a) Additional mailing of notice on an action arising from a consumer credit transaction.

(1) At the time of filing with the clerk the proof of service of the summons and complaint in an action arising from a consumer credit transaction, or at any time thereafter, the plaintiff shall submit to the clerk a stamped unsealed envelope addressed to the defendant together with a written notice, in both English and Spanish, containing the following language:


COUNTY OF ______________ INDEX NO. ___________

Plaintiff ___________________ Defendant _____________

ATTENTION: A lawsuit has been filed against you claiming that you owe money for an unpaid consumer debt. You should respond to the lawsuit as soon as possible by filing an “answer.” You may wish to contact an attorney. If you do not respond to the lawsuit, the court may enter a money judgment against you. Once entered, a judgment is good and can be used against you for twenty years, and your personal property and money, including a portion of your paycheck and/or bank account, may be taken from you. Also, a judgment will affect your credit score and can affect your ability to rent a home, find a job, or take out a loan. You cannot be arrested or sent to jail for owing a debt. Additional information can be found on the court system’s website at:

PRECAUCIÓN: Se ha presentado una demanda en su contra reclamando que usted debe dinero por una deuda al consumidor no saldada. Usted debe, tan pronto como le sea posible, responder a la demanda presentando una “contestación.” Quizás usted quiera comunicarse con un abogado. Si usted no presenta una contestación, el tribunal puede emitir un fallo monetario en contra suya. Una vez emitido, ese fallo es válido y puede ser utilizado contra usted por un período de veinte años, y contra su propiedad personal y su dinero, incluyendo una porción de su salario y/o su cuenta bancaria, los cuales pueden ser embargados. Además, un fallo monetario afecta su crédito y puede afectar su capacidad de alquilar una casa, encontrar trabajo o solicitar un préstamo para comprar un automóvil. Usted no puede ser arrestado ni apresado por adeudar dinero. Puede obtener información adicional en el sitio web del sistema:

The face of the envelope shall be addressed to the defendant at the address at which process was served, and shall contain the defendant’s name, address (including apartment number) and zip code. The face of the envelope also shall contain, in the form of a return address, the appropriate address of the clerk’s office to which the defendant should be directed. These addresses are:


(2) The clerk promptly shall mail to the defendant the envelope containing the additional notice set forth in paragraph (1). No default judgment based on defendant’s failure to answer shall be entered unless there has been compliance with this subdivision and at least 20 days have elapsed from the date of mailing by the clerk. No default judgment based on defendant’s failure to answer shall be entered if the additional notice is returned to the court as undeliverable, unless the address at which process was served matches the address of the defendant on a Certified Abstract of Driving Record issued from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. Receipt of the additional notice by the defendant does not confer jurisdiction on the court in the absence of proper service of process.

Historical Note
Added Sept. 15, 2014, eff.Oct. 1, 2014

Section 210.15 Transfer of actions.

Actions transferred from the Supreme Court or County Court to a City Court shall be placed in such order and relative position on the appropriate calendars that they will be reached for trial insofar as practicable, as if a notice of trial had originally been filed in the City Court for the same date as that for which the notice of issue was filed in the Supreme Court or County Court.

Historical Note
Sec. filed Jan. 9, 1986 eff. Jan. 6, 1986.